Roles : Reel and Real

Hindi Cinema – a world of dreams, glamorous stars and action! A world which enthralls you and draws you into its magnetic orbit! Where larger-than-life characters rule the celluloid and pave the way as ‘idolized examples’! Especially the heroines, often seeped in a song and dance routine of glamour and sometimes in powerful roles, create contradictory waves of displeasure and pleasure. But do these attractive characters reflect any semblance to reality? Can the Indian woman see herself in any of these roles? ‘Roles : Reel and Real’ examines the image of the Indian Woman in society and her projection on screen! It delves into the minds of the Directors and the audience and even tries to redecipher the films. A systematic, research-based study which reveals the ‘whys and hows’ of the myriad shades of the woman characters in Hindi films in relation to reality!